Learning How to Acrylic Pour…

My eye has been caught by beautiful paintings, made when artists use the acrylic pouring technique.  And WOW, they are gorgeous! For example,  Emma Lindström’s paintings…

download (1)

Here’s Emma worthing her magic .

So.  I wanted to try. I researched and found out what tools I would  need. I still don’t have everything.

You need lots and lots of acrylic paint. Then you need a medium to mix with your paint of you don’t buy the ready to pour kind.  I used water for some,  and GAC 800  medium gloss acrylic additive for some.  To maje the gorgeous bubbles you can use bike brakes oil! I tried coconut oil (the liquid kind for hair) for the silicone.  Hmm, then you should have a creme brulee burner to use the heat to bring out the bubbles,  I don’t have that yet.

I used paint,  oil,  and water.  Here’s my results so far… oh and metallic powered pigments. .



I’m super happy with how these turned out, I did most of  them on ceramic tiles, and one on a 28×32″ canvas.  I love love love to work big,  but I’ll have to wait until I have gallons of paint for that! Let me know that you think,  or if you have any advice or tips I’d  love to hear them

Thanks for reading,

Sarah, x


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