As a Woman Thinketh…

Just a quick update, things are in the works!

So I’ve recently been self-assessing, deciding what I am carrying in my life and deciding if it serves me. This is something that I have paid lip service to in the past, as I think we all have. However, this time around I am following my realizations with actions.

I am having the difficult talks with family, I am putting my intentions out there, setting boundaries. All of these good things!

Last week, my boyfriend, Jordan, got me the book, As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. It is a small volume published in 1903. In it Allen lays down his beliefs on how each individual creates their own reality with the strength of their thoughts.

Now this is nothing new, visualization, the book The Secret, manifesting your world… Right thoughts lead to right life, etc. For whatever reason, reading this short volume at this particular time, really hit home for me. Furthermore, I started to read it aloud and replaced all male pronouns with female pronouns. That change transformed the text from general advice to a more personal teaching for me.

I looked this up and saw that I was not the first to have this idea. Dorothy Jean Hulst, re-wrote the book with all feminine descriptions. There is even an audio version available, by Florence Scovel Shinn. I was very happy to see that others had seen the need for a female directed version of this book. However, it gave me pause, because I had been thrilled with the thought of recording myself reading the novel and making the same substitutions, for my friends. I thought about it and then decided, go for it! I am uncertain of copyright issues, but the book is in the public domain (the original), and I won’t be making any money off of it, so I will do it.

Recording… well, it sucks! It is harder than expected. my mouth got dry, my voice changed from one paragraph to the next, my voice got tired, there were words I didn’t know how to pronounce, the microphone kept picking up all kinds of wet mouth sounds I never realized I made!  So it is a work in progress, I won’t give up…  Wish me luck!

I’ll post here as soon as I have a solid recording, and thanks for reading…

Also, if this works, and folks like it, I am open to other ideas for readings. .



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